DOWNLOAD This Halloween MEGA Sound Bundle And Gain Instant Access To Evil Laughs, Black Cats Meowing, Creatures Breathing, Snarling, And Growling, Monster Sounds, Monster Footsteps In Water, Monster Footsteps In Snow (Both Walking And Running), Men Crying, Women Crying, Doors Squeaking (Short And Longer Sounds), Ghosts Sighing, Evil Giggling, Heart Beats (Fast And At Rest), High Screams / Squeals, Ghosts Moaning, Owls (Dry And With Reverb), Rain Sequences, Screaming Males, Screaming Females, Thunder Long Sequences And Single Rumbles, Water Dripping Sequences And Single Drips, Werewolf’s Howling, Wind Sequences, Winds Howling, Winds And Thunder Combinations, Witch Laughter, And All Of The Sounds You Would Expect To Hear Around Halloween!
And Listen To A DEMO That Was Created With Sounds In This Bundle!
Listen To A Demo!
This Instant Downloadable Bundle Is Jam Packed
With Premium Quality Scary Halloween Sound Effects! 

Stolting Media Group

Halloween Sound FX Is A Brand New Product Brought To You By The Stolting Media Group, Which For Well Over A Decade Has Been Producing And Distributing Premium Quality Music And Multimedia Products Including Background Music For Marketing Projects, Sound Effects For Music Movie And Video Productions, And Information Products Helpful To The Creative Entrepreneur.

Stolting Media Group's Team Is Well Known For Creating And Delivering Some Of The Highest Quality And Creative Sounds To The Music And Entertainment Industry World Wide, And Has Over The Many Years Received Tons Of  Positive Testimonials From Household Names.

These Sound Effects Normally Sell Elsewhere For A Minimum Of $2.00 and Up To $14.99 For Some Of The Sounds Of Longer Duration.
Those Prices Are The Standard Going Rate In The Professional Audio Market Place For High Quality Premium Sound Effects.
Here Is A Screenshot From Our Vendor Account On A Well Known Media Stock Market Place.

These Are Recent Sales Made Of Individual Sounds At The Retail Prices That Customers Are Willing To Pay For Just ONE Audio File!
As You Can See,
Halloween Sound Effects Normally Sell For $2.00 And Up For Just One File!
The Halloween Sound FX Bundle Contains 400+ Sounds And Is Therefore Made Available To You At An Extremely Low Introductory Price That Works Out To Only A Few Pennies Per Sound.

Horror Movie Sound Sales

Sound Editor

Not Only Was A Significant Amount Of Man Hours And Hard Work Put Into Creating The Sounds In This MEGA Bundle,  (We're Talking Well Over An Entire Year, 24/7 Around The Clock That Was Dedicated To Creating And Producing These Brand New Top Quality Unique Sounds)...

But After These Sounds Were Produced, Even More Time Was Spent On Checking, Double Checking, Triple Checking, Editing, Mixing, Cutting, Fading, And Adding Just The Right Amount Of Proper Effects And Settings Suitable To The Character Of Each Individual Sound Effect.
In Order To Bring You The Best Sounds We Could Possibly Create, We Needed Some New Tools. We Decided However That Not Just Any Old Tools Would Do! We Wanted The Absolute Hottest Sound Design Equipment Going. Therefore Funds Were Invested Heavily Into Purchasing Numerous Professional State Of The Art Audio Processing Units From Around The World, Thereby Allowing Our Creative Production Team The Capability And The Flexibility To Produce And Create Original And Unique Sounding Unheard Custom Effects With Superb Sound Quality.
Using State Of The Art Award Winning Sound Equipment We Were Able To Design Unique Sounds Using Creative Synthesis Techniques, Covering New Sound Territories That Are Only Possible With The Special Types Of Audio Design Equipment That Our Creative Team Used.
Sound Design

We Are Therefore Proud To Now Offer You Access To A Large Selection Of Awesome New Scary Sound Effects, Of Which Most Of Our Unique Eerie Sounding Creations Are Exclusive To The Halloween Sound FX Bundle, And Are Not Easily Re-Created With Any Old Equipment Or Software That Is Currently Readily Available On The Market At Low Budget Prices. This Means That You Will Have A Hard Time Finding Anything That Comes Close To These Sounds From Any Other Production Companies.

Combining Top Of The Line Sound Design Tools With The "Out Of This Reality" Talent Of Our Creative Team, We Ended Up Doing Amazing Things That Any Sane Producers Would Shy Away From And Advise Against In Fair Of Pushing The Boundaries.  We However Took These Creations To A Whole New Paranormal Level, And Are Now Introducing A Completely New Dimension Of Sounds Into This Realm, And Into Your Sound Library.

With The Most Powerful Synthesizers And Software Available Today, We Explored New And Uncharted Musical Universes By Using Equipment Such As Multi-Synthesis Oscillators, Analog Modeled Filters, Chaotic Fractals, Psychoacoustic Processing, Flexible Modulation And More, All Resulting In An Immense Sonic Range Of Entirely Unique Evil Sounds.
Many Of Our Unique Creations Were Further Polished And Enhanced With Unique Professional Effects. These Include Professional Grade High-End Quality Reverbs, Vocoders, Delays, Ping Pong Delays, Filtered Ping Pongs, Choruses, Ensembles, Flangers, Stereo Flangers, Superstrings, Phasers, Stereo Phasers, LFO Low Pass, Band Passes And High Passes, Talkboxes, Tubeamps, Transistors, Presences, Hardclips, Bitcrushes, Waveshapers, Rotaries, Dolby Prologic, Surround Encoding, Tremelo's, Autopanning, Stereo Enhancing Stereoizers, Equalizers, Ringmods, Trancegates, Early Reflections, Pitch Shifters, Feedback Modules And More.
The Sounds Contained In The Halloween Sound FX Bundle Are Delivered To You In Premium Quality 16bit / 44.1khz Resolution Stereo WAV Format, Which Makes It Possible For The Files To Be Imported Into Any Compatible Video And Audio Editor, Digital Audio Workstation (Music Production Software / Sequencer), Sampler Or Other Software That Works With WAV Files, Including But Not Limited To These...
                        VIDEO EDITING PROGRAMS

Video Editing Program
Adobe Premiere Elements, Avidemux, CyberLink PowerDirector, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, Corel VideoStudio, Jahshaka 2.0, , Pinnacle Studio, AVS Video Editor, Movavi, MoviePlus, Movie Maker,   Wondershare Filmora, Machete Video Editor,  MPEG Stream Clip, PhotoFilmStrip 2.0, Lightworks, Nero Video, Shotcut Video Editor, VideoPad Video Editor, VideoSpin 2.0, Video Studio PRO, Virtual Dub, VSDC Video Editor, WeVideo, And More...
                                   AUDIO EDITING PROGRAMS
Audacity, Acoustica Digital Audio Editor, Ardour, AVS Audio Editor, AudioDesk, Adobe Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, Diamond Cut 8, FL Studio, GoldWave Digital Audio Editor, Jokosher, GarageBand, Logic Express/Studio, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab, MAGIX Music Maker, Mixcraft, mp3DirectCut, mp3TrueEdit, N-Track, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Qtractor, REAPER, Reason, Renoise, Samplitude, SONAR, Sound Forge, SpectraLayers, Studio One, Sweep, Total Recorder, Tracktion, Traverso, WaveLab, WavePad, And More...
Audio Editor

DAW - Digital Audio Workstation
Ableton Live, ACID Pro, Adobe Audition, Ardour Audiotool, Cakewalk SONAR, Cubase, Max Digital Performer, FL Studio, Fairlight, GarageBand, Kristal, Logic Pro, LMMS
Maschine,  Mixcraft, Mixbus, MusE, n-Track Studio, Nuendo, Sequel, Synapse Orion, PreSonus Studio One, Pro Tools, Psycle, Pyramix, Qtractor, REAPER, Renoise, Reason, Rosegarden,  SAWStudio, Samplitude, Sequoia, Sonar, Soundtrack Pro, Studio One, Tracktion, Traverso DAW, Zynewave Podium, And More...
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